The Team

Writing a book is a labor of love, fraught with challenges and hurdles all along the way. We have found this to be all the more true when the book is written by a group of authors and contributors hailing from diverse cultures, professions, and time zones, who are working together as a team for the first time and attempting to address a topic as broad and complex as high-technology entrepreneurship and alliances. It is no surprise, therefore, and a special source of satisfaction to us, that we can acknowledge the contributions of so many talented people from so many walks of life. The book is richer for their diversity.

About the Authors

Constance Lütolf-Carroll

Antti Pirnes

About the Contributors

Withers LLP

Anthony Indaimo
Conan Chitham
Nicole Hirst
Caroline Hughes
Nadia Ignatius
Richard Lord
John d'A. Maycock
Gabriel Monzon-Cortarelli

W.P. Thompson

Tom Brand

Margaret M. Mullally

About the Artist

Poickeus, Oy

Olli Haveri