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Appendix 2.2  Guidelines for Setting Up an Invention Disclosure System for Your Company

Appendix 2.3  Sample Invention Disclosure Form

Appendix 3.1  Porter's Cluster Theory Applied to San Diego's Biotechnology Cluster

Appendix 3.2  Fictional Case Study of

Appendix 7.1  Real Options versus Financial Options

Appendix 7.2  Overview of the Negotiation Process

Appendix 9.1  Sample Confidentiality Agreement

Appendix 11.1  International Intellectual Property Treaties and Conventions

Appendix 11.2  Comparison of Design Right and Registered Design

Appendix 15.1  Selected Commercial Database and Software Tool Vendors.

Appendix 17.2  The Time Value of Money

Appendix 17.3  Advanced Definition of Free Cash Flows for Use with Enterprise Valuation Method

Appendix 17.4  Five Ways to Estimate Terminal Values

Appendix 17.5  General Principles for Determining the Equity Market Risk Premium

Appendix 17.6  Estimating the Weighted Average Cost of Capital for the ABC Corporation

Appendix 17.7  The Fisher Equation: Taking Inflation Expectations into Account

Appendix 18.1  Accounting for Goodwill and Intangible Assets

Spreadsheet for the case "PB Electronics Inc" from Chapter 17 - Appendix 17.1

Spreadsheet for the case "TSP Enterprises Seeks Venture Financing"  from Chapter 19

Capstone Case Studies:

+ Arcadian Microarray Technologies Inc.

+ Proto 5

+ Genyzme/Geltex Pharmaceuticals Joint Venture

+ GenPharm International