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From Innovation to Cash Flows explores the process of high-technology entrepreneurship from the creative inception of an idea to the transformation of that idea into an invention, and eventually into a commercially viable innovation. Along the way, you'll discover how to protect an invention; develop a venture's business strategy; create its business model; design, structure, negotiate, and manage an alliance; value the venture to obtain outside investor financing; and employ exit strategies that make it possible for investors in the business to harvest their holdings.

From Innovation to Cash Flows also provides guidance on effective and ineffective intellectual property strategies. It shows you how to conduct patent searches, make patent maps, and perform in-depth due diligence. In clear language, the book explains the latest on trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, patents, and design registration.

In today's turbulent markets, the high technology entrepreneur must possess a broad set of skills and know-how. From Innovation to Cash Flows will help you excel in the global arena. It weaves the challenges of starting up a high-tech venture with the management of intellectual property rights, valuation of emerging technologies, and structuring of collaborative alliances for long-term value creation.