Antti Pirnes and Patiq Ltd.

Antti Pirnes is Chairman and a Founding Partner of patent and business intelligence company Patiq Ltd., with head office in Espoo, Finland. He earned an MSc degree in Biotechnology from the University of Helsinki and completed the biotechnology management program at the Helsinki School of Economics and the Intellectual Property Rights management program in the Lifelong Learning Institute at Espoo, Finland. Antti has worked as a research team leader for the biomedicine company UniCrop, as specialist advisor for a corporate finance company and as a patent analyst at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the largest contract research organization in northern Europe.

At Patiq Ltd., Antti works closely with many high-technology entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, research managers, and company executives who wish to identify new technology opportunities and to benefit from inventions. He focuses on showing his clients which inventions of other parties already have patent protection and where other firms and researchers are concentrating their research efforts, and estimates how likely other patents will interfere with proposed or current business activities.