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Whether you wish to start your own high technology business or have an interest in developing and managing strategic alliances, understanding what to do and how to do it is vital to success. That's why you need From Innovation to Cash Flows, the indispensable reference book and integrated website that guides you through the essentials of high-technology entrepreneurship, alliances, and venture finance.

Written in an engaging and accessible style by a global team of multidisciplinary experts, led by Constance Lütolf-Carroll with the collaboration of Antti Pirnes and Withers LLP, From Innovation to Cash Flows shares with you realistic insights and professional advice from respected practitioners around the world.

Balancing the needs of the novice with the expectations of the expert, this reliable resource contains the practical examples, sample legal documents, financial tools, strategy frameworks, and illustrative cases that will enable you to turn innovation into the generation of positive cash flows.

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